Safeguards Against Tampering & Counterfeiting

Specialist in Fast and Customized Tamper Evident Solutions

We provide both standard and bespoke tamper evident strip, bags, tapes, labels and material that provide high performance with complete bond reliability regardless the demands of the application.

Varied Customization Options

You can get our tamper resistant solutions and choose different options for sizes, colors, base materials and more that fit your industry’s specifications.

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    Match the label colors with the appearance of carton packaging.

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    Our die-cutting techniques allow for accurate cutting of materials into different sizes.

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    The PET, PE, Paper etc. can be for choice as face stock. The PET is a cost-effective option to resist extreme conditions.

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    Acrylic or hot melt adhesives leave a clear VOID message when an attempt of removal is made.

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    Elevate brands and ensure product authenticity with our custom logo design options.

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    Printing Message

    The hidden messages vary in font, size, text, and orientation. Texts, images, and any pattern can be applied in the security message.

Customize Now

Diverse Industry Applications

Our advanced security solutions for product authentication and tampering tracing work for many industries at affordable costs and negotiable MOQ.

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    Our non-residue tamper evident security labels add security onboard to aircraft doors and interior panels.

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    With written areas for bags and unique sequential numbers, our bags ensure that all cash assets are secured.

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    Used as a warning seal for electronic products to reduce tampering incidents and protect product security.

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    With high residue, our tapes secure packages while constantly displaying the VOID/OPEN message.

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From Big to Small, or Local to International

We Serve A Variety of Clients

The tamper evident material we provide for printing houses or other manufacturers are of excellent processing & printability. The performance of our tamper evident strip, bags, tapes, labels and many others can be further enhanced through a range of options. Over 15+ years of experience & expertise for supporting different kinds of clients make us well-equipped to meet the challenges of different markets.

  • Printing Houses
  • Users of Different Industries
  • Wholesalers
  • Traders
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One-Stop Tampering Evident Solution

Looking into your needs, we provide the right services within your budget to increase product security.

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Useful Suggestion

Useful Suggestion

Need any application suggestions? Consult with our experts to find the right materials, adhesives and codes to ensure product security for your clients. With years of experience, our experts provide insights into how to serve your industries with our custom solutions.

Tape production workshop
Tape samples

Sample Making

Cooperate with us for our free samples of our product line to create the appropriate printing plates for the VOID/OPEN message. Check out how we design our tapes and labels while presenting your ideas. We also offer a free design layout to demonstrate our quality.

Tape production workshop
Mass Production

Mass Production

With our automatic production line, we are able to complete VOID printing, protective layer adding and more all at once. With a proofing time of 10-15 days, we deliver large volume orders of quality materials and meet your deadlines.

Tape production workshop
Laboratory test equipment

Lab Testing

Tests conducted in the laboratory such as initial tack, 180° peeling force, release force and other application tests to check the product performance applied on different surfaces. We do lab tests before, during and after production to prevent defective materials, monitor and check product quality, which ensure we can always deliver consistently good quality tamper-evident products.

Tape production workshop
Packaging & Delivery

Packaging & Delivery

We use standard cartons that do not require any customization so that you can apply your logos directly. While custom orders take 5-15 days to arrive, we ship in-stock items as soon as possible to help you meet deadlines.


Sustainable Practices

Shocky Security commits to following international environmental standards with our quality production and eco-friendly raw materials. We reduce waste and make our products renewable with our water-based inks and efficient use of resources. As such, our tamper evident bags and co-extruded eggshell labels become more applicable to any industry while bringing down overall costs.

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Our Client's Testimonials

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