Security Bag Tape

Flexible Tamper Proof Seal

Shosky Security’s Security Bag Tapes are versatile tools for tamper evident bags. When removed, our strip leaves behind a “VOID” message both on film and security bag. Our Security Bag Tape can also deter criminals from attempting to remove our seal thanks to the strong adhesion on the film.

We offer a solution-oriented Security Bag Tape that comes with low or high residue adhesive layer resistant to solvents. Shosky Security also offers a comprehensive customization service on our strips’ size, color, VOID message, and other aspects.

Our tamper-proof security tape addresses multiple demands from Level 1 to Level 6 across various markets, helping you drive your brand. Contact our specialist to get started.

Tailor-Made Anti-Tamper Projects

Renowned brands from around the globe attested to the performance of our Security Bag Tapes that meet their requirements. See our previous project to gain an insight on how we can help you with our world class service.

High-End Anti-counterfeiting Measures

Each of our security tape for bags is resistant against various removal methods, ensuring any tampering attempt is visible to the recipient.

Thermochromic Ink

Thermochromic ink in our Security Bag Tapes reveals a sign of breaching attempt when exposed to heat.

Thermochromic Ink Security Bag Tape

Solvant/Water Tampering

Removing our security tape and its hidden message with any dissolving chemical or substance is made difficult by our strip’s resistance against solvents.

security packaging

Void Message

The void message is partially transferred to the item/article when tape is removed. The adhesive residue will be left both on the tape carrier and the application surface, showing physical evidence of violation.

Void Message Security Bag Tape

Cold Tampering

To prevent attempts to freeze the security tape and open the package, we made our Security Bag Tape resistant against low temperatures by adding cold resistance adhesive onto the face stock.

Cold Tampering Security Bag Tape
Level 4 Custom Security Bag Tape
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Building Brands with Custom Security Bag Tapes

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    Set the color to red, green, and blue, etc.

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    Commonly available in 35mm-, 38mm-, 40mm-, and 45mm-width and 800m- or 1000m- length.

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    Decide on the VOID message through plate making options.

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    Security Bag Tapes are made from high-performance PET and HDPE.

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    High-tack hot melt adhesives of cold resistance or industrial hair dryer heat resistance.

Customize Now

Comparison of Different Levels of Security Bag Tapes

Levels VOID Message Thermochromic Ink Cold Tampering Solvant/Water Tampering
SecureSeal™- I
SecureSeal™- IIA
SecureSeal™- IIB
SecureSeal™-III A
SecureSeal™-III B
SecureSeal™-IV  √  √  √

Videos for Security Bag Tapes

Shosky Security provides various personalized services including all the colors from light to dark. And we satisfy different sizes following customer demands.

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Our security bag tape is printed with our custom high precision 6-color printing machine, which can position void, temperature indicator, UV fluorescent, and water-soluble security feature in one process, greatly improving the production efficiency. So we can give our customers the fastest delivery time in this field.

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Product Video

Shosky Security bag tapes are designed with strongest security adhesive closure, the different anti-counterfeiting measures arranged from level 1 to level 6 are available to meet various anti-counterfeiting requirements that customers can choose freely.

Address Security Demands, Improving Brand Standing

Shosky Security is all about bolstering your business with high-end security tapes and outstanding services.

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    Consistent Performance

    We thoroughly inspect and test our Security Bag Tape to ensure their durability and adhesive capabilities.

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    Approachable MOQ

    With an MOQ that is very negotiable, you can test out the market or replenish your supply easily.

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    Free Samples

    To give you a clear preview of your custom Security Bag Tapes, we offer free samples.

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    Trusted Tamper-Proof Technology

    Shosky Security utilizes the latest anti-counterfeiting technology to discourage tampering attempts.

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    World Class Service

    Our team provides professional consultation for free and offers 24/7 customer support.

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    Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

    We guarantee lead time 5-10 working days for customized Security Bag Tape thanks to our streamline production.

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.