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In Shosky, we bring out fast and customized tamper evident tape solutions. Whatever you need, we can provide both standard and custom-made tamper evident seal tapes that provide high performance with absolute bond reliability regardless of the application’s demands.

Our company has been in the industry for over 15 years, and our manufacturing facility has been instrumental to the unceasing success of Shosky in providing tamper tape seals. We earned our clients’ loyalty by delivering versatile evidence seal tape used in sealing boxes, which will dissuade anyone from opening or tearing the packaging. Shosky’s security tapes will leave behind any signs of tampering, keeping anyone at bay and discouraging possible criminals from opening your package.

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Applications of Custom Tamper Evident Tape

Shipping Packaging

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Product Protecting

Electronic goods

What We Custom & Supply

Jumbo Rolls

Finished Strips

Secure your business with our tamper evident solution! We pride ourselves in servicing SGS certified security seal tapes, letting you export our anti-tampering tape solutions to lucrative markets. Interestingly, you can create a strong foundation in terms of customer loyalty with our proven security tape performance. In addition, we provide comprehensive customization services for your tamper resistant tapes. Tell us your required sizes, roll lengths, color, and other features that will boost your tamper evident tape’s function, such as:

We can assure you that we give users complete control over the aesthetic and functionality of our anti-tamper tape solutions. With the help of our in-house research and development department, along with skilled staff, Shosky creates a custom tamper tape that meets your expectations. Furthermore, we can bring the fastest delivery time in the industry due to our advanced production equipment. 

Cutting-Edge Tamper Proof Tape

Each of our security tapes can have a specific transfer of tamper-evident signs to suit your requirements.

Highlights of Our VOID Tapes

We create tamper-evident tapes that can be applied to packages as well as different surfaces. Our tapes also have high-end security measures.

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Surface Compatibility

Our security tapes can be attached to wooden, paper, plastic, metal, and various surfaces, making it compatible with various packaging.

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Service Temperature

Shosky Security tapes have a service temperature of -40°F to +160°F, making them usable in cold or hot areas.

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Tamper Evident

Breaking the security tape will leave behind a clear indication of tampering on any surface or on the tape itself.

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Super Durable

The significant thickness of our security tapes makes them resistant against wearing and tearing during delivery.

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VOID Message

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Surface Printing

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Serial Number

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Custom Security Tapes

Shosky Security offers tailor-made solutions for the tamper-evident packaging, giving users full control over the aesthetic and functionality of our anti-tamper solutions. With an in-house R&D department with experienced staff, we create a security tape that meets your expectations.

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Refined Techniques for Manufacturing Tamper Evident Tapes

For security tapes, we can give the fastest delivery time in the industry because of our advanced production equipment. Our company has only one ink-jet serial number printing machine with 13 heads in the industry for manufacturing digital security tape. However, our peers of China still print the number of security tape one by one, so our speed is 13 times faster than our competitors, especially for big orders.

We're More Than A Tamper Evident Tape Supplier

We exceed your expectations on security tape reliability with our extensive service, high-end manufacturing capabilities, and much more.

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.