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Here in Shosky, we provide fast and customized tamper proof label solutions. Whatever you need, we can provide both standard and custom-made tamper evident seal tapes that bring out high performance with absolute bond reliability regardless of the application’s demands.


Our company has been in the industry for over 15 years, and we earned our clients’ loyalty by delivering refined techniques for manufacturing security labels. We can deliver the highest level of security labels by incorporating other anti-counterfeiting security features, including temperature indicator, UV fluorescence, holographic effect, security cuts, water tampering, and more based on the regular void labels in the industry.

red holographic tamper evident secutiry label

Tamper-Evident Label Applications

tamper proof tape for camera

Protect Camera

security sitcker on a chanel paper bag

Product Security

Warranty Void Label

Plane Tamper Sticker

What We Custom & Supply


Jumbo Rolls

Finished Products

Secure your business with our custom tamper seal stickers solution! We pride ourselves in servicing secured labels products by leaving apparent evidence of unauthorized tampering. Our manufacturing facility uses raw materials efficiently to produce security seal stickers at a lower cost. In addition, our advanced machinery increases manufacturing speed to deliver custom tamper evident stickers within 3-4 days.


What’s more, our custom tamper seal stickers are available in jumbo rolls. Each of our custom tamper evident label rolls can be cut into particular sizes to seal containers, envelopes, and other packaging. In addition, we manufacture total transfer, partial transfer, and non-transfer jumbo rolls to achieve any business requirements. So just tell us your required sizes, roll lengths, color, and other features that will boost your tamper evident tape’s function, such as:

We guarantee that we give our customers the full control over the aesthetic and functionality of our tamper seal stickers solutions. With the help of our in-house research and development department, along with skilled staff, Shosky creates custom tamper evident stickers that meet your expectations. Furthermore, we can bring the fastest delivery time in the industry due to our advanced production equipment.

Types of Custom Tamper Proof Labels

We offer total, partial and non-transfer custom security stickers to secure products of any kind while leaving clear proof of tampering.

Reliable Features

Every custom security label handles different applications through their durable structure and adherence to various surfaces, among others.

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Tamper Resistant Design

Made easy to remove, our labels will leave a clear mark that will not easily cleaned.

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Easy to Peel & Apply

With our adhesive options, our labels are easy to peel off. Once applied, they are difficult to remove, so they stay put.

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Holographic Paper

Using holographic paper and eco-friendly ink helps our labels stay in many surfaces and present clear text.

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Surface Compatibility

Adhering to flat surfaces such as plastic, cardboard and wood ensures all-around security for any packaged product.

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Logo Printing

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Thermochromic Ink

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UV Ink

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QR Codes

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Serial Numbers

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VOID Message

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Holographic Strip

Custom Tamper Proof Stickers

Our staff of experienced technicians can customize the appearance and material of our custom security stickers based on your specifications. Through adding multiple other security features such as hologram, UV, temperature indicating, water contacting tampering, QR code and more based on void label, our uniquely-printed labels increase brand recognition while maximizing product security.

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Refined Techniques for Manufacturing Security Labels

SHOSKY SECURITY can produce the highest level of security labels by combining other anti-counterfeiting security features such as temperature indicator, UV fluorescence, holographic effect, security cuts, water tampering, etc based on the regular void labels in the industry.

Assured Business Benefits

Shocky Security provides reliable service by supporting your customization needs and offering detailed advice from our responsive customer service team.

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.