Ultra Destructible Label

Custom Ultra Destructible Label (UDV) Manufacturer

Shosky provides the fastest and high-quality destructible vinyl labels solutions. Whatever your specifications are, we can provide both standard and custom-made ultra destructible vinyl stickers that offer high performance with absolute bond reliability regardless of the application’s demands.

Shosky has been in the industry for over 15 years, and our manufacturing facility has been instrumental to the unceasing success of Shosky in providing destructible vinyl sticker solutions. Our biodegradable ultra destructible label is designed primarily to discourage unauthorized product tampering. How so? The strong acrylic adhesives of our UDV tapes stay in their place for extended periods on plastic, metal, and other surfaces. Once ripped, it will be in smaller pieces while still showing traces of the removed label, which indicates that an attempt of tampering occurred.

What We Custom & Supply

Secure your enterprise with our custom destructible sticker solution! We pride ourselves in servicing secured labels products by leaving apparent evidence of unauthorized tampering. Our manufacturing facility uses raw materials efficiently to produce security seal stickers at a lower cost. Plus, we offer our custom destructible vinyl labels in jumbo rolls. So just tell us your required sizes, roll lengths, color, and other features that will boost your destructible vinyl’s function, such as:

UDV with Flexible Durability

Whether you need the standard or specialized eggshell stickers, we have the right materials to bring your ideas to reality.

Why Shosky Security’s Ultra Destructible Labels

Our experience as a exceptional destructible label material manufacturer provides us the proper tools and insights to create reliable product solutions.

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    Wide Application

    Our labels can be used with a wide range of surfaces, including powder-coated surfaces, plastics, metals, and most low surface energy materials.

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    Excellent Destructibility

    Strong acrylic adhesive secures on the surface. Vinyl face stock fragments when taken off to show tampering.

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    Low Shrinkage Vinyl

    Vinyl face stock stays in shape for extended periods without dirty edges or adhesive ooze.

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    Excellent Press Processing & Printability

    Vinyl material adapts to various printing options perfectly, adding pertinent details to the material surface.

Custom Ultra Destructible Vinyl Labels Manufacturer

Custom Ultra Destructible Vinyl Labels

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    Select from 1040mm, 1060mm width or other size.

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    Facestock Thickness

    The standard thickness is 75 or 80 microns. Other thickness is are also acceptable.

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    Adhesive Thickness

    Adjustable for perfect adhesion to the product surface.

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    Release Paper

    Glassine liner and craft paper for choice.

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    Destructible Degree

    Choose from low brittle, medium brittle, and high brittle grades.

Customize Now

Adding Value to Your Business

With our superior products and reliable service, your business is sure to enjoy better profits and happier customers.

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    Wide Selection

    Hundreds of standard and custom selections that will match your target market’s demands.

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    Consistent Quality

    Routine quality control check during production ensures you receive top-notch products from our warehouse.

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    Free Samples

    Receive samples of your order before full-swing production for accurate and satisfactory results.

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    Large Stock

    Our warehouse is full of available destructible labels ready for shipment, so you get the products within 3-7 days.

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    Excellent Service

    We work with you from order consultation to aftersales to guarantee smooth and successful transactions.

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    Fast Shipment

    Standard orders are shipped out right away, with custom orders going out within 3-7 days.

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.