Quality Control

Carefully-Selected Materials

Our highest standards in manufacturing world-class security tapes and tamper-evident labels start with procuring the finest materials from trusted suppliers.

Adhesion Testing

To ensure the security tape and tamper-evident labels stick to the desired surface, we conduct several tests using a variety of surface materials and calibrate for optimal performance.

  • Packaging Box

  • Steel Plate

  • Acrylic Plate

  • Wood

Comprehensive Testing Report

We provide clients with a well-rounded comprehensive testing report after the quality control process to show the specifications of the completed product.

  • Initial Adhesion

    Measures how quickly the security label fastens itself to the surface helps show the strength of the adhesive materials.
  • Holding Power

    The duration of how long the labels stay attached to the surface indicates the Indicate the properties of glue.
  • Adhesion

    To measure adhesion, tape is applied to a stainless steel panel. The tape is then removed. The force required to remove (or peel) the tape determines its adhesion level. The force is measured in ounces per one inch of tape.
  • Release Force

    The release force is the force required to separate the release backing from the pressure sensitive adhesive.
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Consistent Quality Inspection

The security labels are routinely tested by our competent QA team in our specialized laboratory during the entire production process for adhesive peel strength, destructibility, adhesion testing, and others. Results are recorded and marked to remind the production team while completing the manufacturing process.

Staff testing tape quality

Reliable Testing Equipment, Reliable Results

Wanting to provide accurate results and quality products, we utilize the best and most reliable testing equipment for measuring the capabilities of our tamper evident strips, bag tapes, and labels.


As proof of our commitment to excellence, Shosky Security has acquired national and international certifications from ISO, SGS, and RoHs for our high standards and competitive capabilities.

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