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Custom Deposit Bags Supplier

Shosky has been in the industry for over 15 years, and our manufacturing facility has been instrumental to the success of Shosky in providing bank deposit bags solutions. We provide the fastest and high-quality custom money deposit bags(cash, coins, and more). As one of China’s leading custom bank deposit bag manufacturers, we can provide both standard and custom-made tamper-evident bags that offer high performance with absolute bond reliability. You can also custom make the security bag tape.


Our goal in Shosky is to provide tamper-proof deposit bags wholesale that fit the bank and any financial institution with our customizable solution. We offer a comprehensive line of formats that will fit specific businesses. Contact us for inquiries and quotations.

Advanced Deposit Bags for Specific Clients

Shosky Security aims at providing tamper-proof deposits bags that fit the bank or financial institution with our customizable solution. We offer a wide line of formats that will fit specific businesses.

Solution-Oriented Security Measures for Paper Money

  • Trackable Number

    Our deposit bags come with tear-off or perforated sections with serial numbers that allow multiple departments to track packaged items.

  • Cold and Heat Tamper-Evident

    The seal of our tamper-evident bags can withstand removal attempts that use low or high temperatures.

  • Welded Edges

    The two sides of our security bags are wide welded, forcing people to puncture the bag when opening it and preventing side cutting and re-sealing.

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  • Writable Surface

    The material of our security bags can hold common ballpoint ink, making them writable.

  • Tamper-Evident Seals

    Our tamper-evident seal creates visible cracks when anyone tries to open our deposit bags.

  • Heavy Duty Material

    Each of our bags is made with PE film, making them resistant against tearing.

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Custom Deposit Bags

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    We make custom-sized deposit bags, ranging from 6x9” to 16.5x23.5”.

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    Tear-proof polythene film

    Every bag comes with clear or opaque interiors to meet client different requirement.

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    Barcode and Serial Numbers

    We have unique numbers and barcodes for efficient organization and tracking.

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    Multiple Compartments

    For easy storage, our bags have different areas to hold receipts and banknotes.

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    Write-on Information Panel

    Adding security, our bags have writable surface working for ballpoint pen.

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    The thickness of the film can be customized ranging from 50 to 140microns.

Customize Now

High-End Quality and Services for Financial Institutions

You can incorporate an efficient protective measure to your business through our quality products as well as Shosky Security world class services.

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    Wide Selection

    Shosky Security bank deposit bags come in different formats and customizable sizes to suit your business requirements.

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    Consistent Quality

    We carefully screen our raw material suppliers and implement a strict QC process to guarantee your orders are always in excellent condition.

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    Free Samples

    You can receive a hands-on preview of your custom deposit bags through our free samples service.

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    Large Stock

    We are one of the tamper-proof bags suppliers that offer competitive prices on our anti-tamper solutions.

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    Excellent Service

    Our professional staff provides a free consultation and quotation for the right deposit bags to your business needs.

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    Fast Shipment

    In-stock deposit bags are ready for immediate shipping while custom orders are delivered within 10 to 15 days.

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.