Warranty Void Label

Tamper-Proof Warranty Void Label

Highly valued products need a safety seal. Warranty void seals that help businesses reveal an act of tampering or unauthorized access. This label protects luxury goods from fraud and theft when stored or during shipment. 


Shosky offers tamper-proof warranty labels that reveal hidden security messages when tampering happens. Thus, showing that someone tried to break into it. Our guarantee seals provide a visible indication of the attempt of removal. What’s more, our custom warranty void stickers can be applied to plastic, paper, cardboard boxes, and many other materials. Contact us for more inquiries and quotations.

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Void Message Sticker

Destructible Label

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What are Warrenty Void Label Used For?

Product Security

Warranty void labels help your reveal any attempt of tampering with your products. Hence, this seal secures luxury items from fraud and theft when stored in warehouses or during product deliveries.

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Avoid Tampering

Open void labels provide the best solution when evidence of tampering is required. The warranty security labels are made of a two-stage adhesive that guarantees the tamper seal to leave the words “OPEN VOID” on the applied surface.

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Why Choose Shosky?

Best Quality Sticker

Our company offers high-quality tamper proof warranty labels that meet your expectations with the help of our in-house research and development department team.

Customize your product

Here in Shosky, we provide custom warranty void sticker services to meet your requirements. So send us your specifications, and we will deliver.

Fast Shipping

Our business can bring out the fastest delivery timetable in the industry due to our advanced production equipment found in our comprehensive factory.

After sales service

Shosky security assures our clients that we are always here for them even after product delivery. Our customer hotline takes care of all your additional concerns about your orders.

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.