Tamper Technologies

Advanced Anti-Tamper Technology

Our R&D team goes through our customers’ feedback and market trends to create high-end security bag tapes, tamper evident bags, tapes, and labels. With our extensive research, we provide reliable anti-tamper products that have real-world usage while addressing most demands in the market.


Stringent Security Measures

Shosky Security tapes and bags utilize the latest tamper-proof qualities to prevent anyone from breaking the seal.

Soundly Invested R&D

Shosky Security’s reputation as a market-leading manufacturer of top-grade security bag tapes, tamper-evident bags, tapes, labels, and others comes from our extensive investment in our R&D department. Our researchers are constantly finding solutions to protecting and deterring anyone from removing our tamper-proof products.

R&D investment form

Innovative Dual-Color Total Transfer

We offer total-transfer security Tapes & labels that leave a hidden message on the surface with a different color when anyone attempts to remove it. The secondary bright color of the hidden message allows anyone to notice any breach attempt from a distance.

Innovative Dual-Color Total Transfer

Plate Selection

Low residue is that the "VOID" message transferred onto the application surface and the other parts remains on the lift security label, while the high residue void security label is opposite, meaning that the "VOID" message remains on the lift security label and the whole remaining parts transferred onto the application surface.

Different residue tape

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.