Professional Consultations from Qualified Personnel

Clients go through a consultations process with some of our qualified personnel, using their vast experience and knowledge of the industry to create the right solutions to client needs. From the modification of current ideas to creating new products, our team extends an extra step for clients.

Professional consultations from qualified personnel

Designs that Fit Your Specific Needs

Our diverse customization options allow clients to create unique security labels, tamper evident bags, tapes, and tamper evident strips that match the market’s demands. Facestock color, size, thickness, and void message are adjustable to the client’s liking, while print features like logos and serial numbers can be added for more security and easy tracking.

Staff view tape data

Comprehensive Quotes

Clients are given a clear and completed quote before order production, listing material charges, delivery charges, and other necessary fees. Customized options selected, like material color, size, thickness, as well as printing methods, are reflected on the price quote provided.

Staff view tape data

Fast and Free Samples

Samples of products are provided to clients free of charge, giving you the assurance that you get what you want. We also cover delivery fees for clients with an amazing working history, adding more value to the business.

Different types of free tape samples

Efficient Wholesale Production and Delivery

As we use modern machinery and established workflow procedures, our VOID printing process is 6 times faster than most of our peers, no matter the amount. This allows us to complete orders and send them to clients quicker and more efficiently, resulting in satisfied clients.

Staff checking tape

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.