Serial Number & Perforation Security Tapes

Serial Number Security Tape Manufacturer

With perforation line per 150mm, our serial number security tapes are printed with unique serial numbers. Our custom security tapes stick easily to any surface and are suited for corrugated boxes, cardboard and plastic packaging.

Produced with advanced machinery, our tapes are personalized with unique serial numbers to improve product security and earn market trust. As we conduct regular reviews with trusted suppliers, all tapes are produced within your schedules while made consistently at good quality.

You may request special printing choices to customize your logo and attract your customers to your brand. Learn more about our offers.

Premium Serial Number Security Tape

Check out these pictures to see how you can integrate your ideas into our security solutions. With our support, we formulate personalized security tapes that draw audiences to your brand.

Custom Serial Number Security Tape

Unique serial numbers are printed on every label to better provide evidence of tampering. Multiple options for codes and numbers are available for your selection. Our anti-tamper tapes provide brand protection by helping to secure the authenticity of products.

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    VOID Message

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    Printing Texts

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    Serial Numbers

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    Perforation Distance

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.