Partial Transfer Security Tape

Partial Transfer Security Tape Manufacturer

Shosky Security partial transfer security tape leaves a semi-tacky residue that contains a hidden message when the tape is removed, making them suitable for medical tools, documents, and various high-energy packaging.

We pride ourselves in delivering reliable partial-transfer security tapes through our anti-counterfeiting technology, providing your customers or clients with superior tamper-proof measures. We also manufacture all of our tamper-evident tapes on our certified factory to ensure a steady supplier of quality tamper-evident tapes for your business.

Create high-end security measures for your customers and staff with our partial transfer security tapes, helping you increase trust towards your business. Take advantage of our free samples today!

Functional Partial Transfer Security Tape

Do you need inspiration for a customized partial transfer security tape that will work with your business? Browse our previous projects for our past clients to give you an insight into our capabilities as a tamper-evident tape manufacturer.

Personalized Partial Transfer Security Tapes

Shosky Security offers a wide range of customization options for you to create a partial transfer security tape that fits your requirements.

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    VOID Message

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    Surface Printing

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    QR Codes

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.