Full Transfer

Full Transfer Security Label Manufacturer

Seal as Proof for Authenticity

Keep products safe from unauthorized opening and counterfeiting with our one time use tamper evident labels. Covering multiple products and industry needs allows our labels to be an affordable choice for securing packages. Applying messages, logos and codes ensures your products are identified as authentic while leaving marks to track tampering attempts.

With automatic production lines and skilled workmen, our factory handles mass production to deliver within your schedules. Design customizations diversify every label while providing a means to promote your brand. Check out our labels today and avail of our one-year warranty.

Just-in-Time Delivery of Jumbo Rolls

Also available in jumbo rolls. Shosky Security also offers label converters our full transfer security materials with a dimension of 530mm*500m. The master rolls can be cut into smaller rolls with varying sizes, making it more convenient for label converters to produce security labels of different sizes. Regardless of size, our jumbo rolls leave behind visible evidence of tampering attempts.

All jumbo rolls tamper evident materials can be fully customizable such as its color and film surface or liner printed logo. We can even include added security measures to the rolls such as UV ink, hologram effect, thermochromic ink, water sensitive ink, and so on., answering the demands of numerous businesses.

We aim to provide any business with an adequate supply of our jumbo roll by having large in-stock models within our warehouse. Each in-stock items are ready for immediate delivery after we confirm your request. The short-lead time on your orders, even during peak season, lets you tap into rising demands for efficient security solutions in the market.

Anti-Counterfeit Full Transfer Security Labels

Check out these pictures to see how you can integrate your ideas into our security solutions. With our support, we formulate personalized labels that draw audiences to your brand.

Custom Full Transfer Security Label

To further track tampering, consider using serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, holographic strip, UV fluorescent ink. Personalize the design of your labels to attract audiences to your logo.

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    Logo Printing

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    QR Codes

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    Serial Numbers

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    Thermochromic Ink

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    UV Ink

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    VOID Message

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    Holographic Strip

Secure Your Business Benefits with Our Tamper Evident Solution.