List of the Best 3 BOPP Tape Jumbo Roll Manufacturers in India

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BOPP Tape Jumbo Roll

Source: TradeIndia

BOPP is an acronym for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film usually coated with an adhesive. The adhesive is water-based, making it transparent when used on the tape. The tapes are manufactured using superior quality adhesives to ensure that they hold packages during transit. They are used on heavy boxes and other similar containers and hence, are required to be of top-notch quality. The BOPP tapes have an excellent sealing strength level and provide a high tack to seal cartons adequately. 

Packaging industries employ BOPP tapes to ensure safety and security. These tapes are ideal for sealing cartons, and therefore packaging industries buy jumbo rolls of this tape. That said, if you are looking to source BOPP rolls, you should look for manufacturers of jumbo rolls to make sure you get quality products at affordable rates. 

The tapes are available in bright colors to choose one based on your preferences. Today, we will list some of the best BOPP jumbo roll manufacturers in India to help companies make the right choice. Manufacturers provide customization options as well to offer a better appeal. 

Jaishni Packs Private Limited

Year Founded: 2007

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Industry: Manufacturing and Supplying

Certifications: ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9001-2015

Jaishni packs private ltd logo

Source: Jaishni Packs Private Limited

The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of adhesive tapes and BOPP tapes.

All products sourced out by this company are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure that the demands of consumers are met successfully. With years of experience in the industry, they understand the importance of sealing cartons to ensure they stay safe when in transit. The products manufactured by this company help provide durability and incredible adhesion. 

Ever since the company was conceived, quality has been their primary goal, and it operates using the latest technology machines to achieve its objectives. They have a streamlined planning process that helps them cater to the specific needs of their clients. 

Some Products Offered: 

  • Strapping Rolls. 
  • Adhesive Tapes. 
  • Sealing Machines. 
  • Industrial Tapes. 
  • BOPP Tapes. 

Mexim Adhesive Tapes Pvt Ltd

Year Founded: 1987

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Industry: Exporter, Manufacturer, and Supplier

mexim adhesive tapes Pvt ltd logo

Source: Maxim Adhesive Tapes Pvt Ltd

Ever since its inception, it was a trading firm dealing in tapes and adhesives. The company was an authorized dealer and used to trade in various products to make the transition of more oversized products easy and convenient. The company has grown immensely in terms of distribution and has also produced quality products. It employs high-quality materials to deliver top-notch quality tapes. 

It offers customization options to make sure that the specific needs of its clients are all served. The company strived hard to set up a facility to manufacture an entire range of self-adhesive products. 

Some Products Offered: 

  • BOPP Tapes. 
  • Foam Tapes. 
  • Masking Tapes. 
  • Aluminum Foil Tape. 
  • Floor Guard Tape. 

Cosmos Twisters Pvt Ltd

Year Founded: 2008

Location: Gujarat

Industry: Manufacturing and Supplying

Certifications: ISO 9001 â 2008 TUV

Cosmos twisters Pvt ltd logo

Source: Cosmos Twisters Pvt Ltd

Cosmos Twisters has years of experience in the industry, and the company has gained significant prominence in the industry. They are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of adhesive and BOPP tapes across the globe. They serve packaging companies with their quality products and ensure to fulfill the needs of their clients. All specific needs are catered to, and customization options are provided. 

They use quality materials to produce tapes and ensure that heavy boxes are all seal packed adequately. Several steps are taken to screen and supervise the different stages of production. This helps ensure the highest level of adherence to the industry standards. 

Some Products Offered: 

  • BOPP Adhesive Tapes. 
  • Warning Tapes. 
  • Adhesive Tape Jumbo Rolls. 
  • Transparent Tapes. 

Best BOPP Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll Manufacturer in China

Shosky Logo

Source: Shosky

Shosky has been a premium company offering tapes and tamper-evident security bags to the packaging industry for years now. They pride themselves on the products and services provided and are serving the industry with quality and cost-effective solutions. Ever since the company was established in 2006, they have been one of the top choices of businesses. 

The manufacturing house of this company has the latest technology equipment to cater to the specific demands of their consumers. They also offer innovative solutions to ensure brand protection. 

Some Products Offered: 

Things To Consider When Buying BOPP Adhesive Tape

  • Thin Film Construction: The BOPP adhesive tapes are usually very thin, and their thickness is around 40 microns only. The tapes are fixed on the boxes and applied closely to seal the boxes. Hence, it would help if you looked for thin films with great strength. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Keeping the degrading environment conditions in mind, you should look for BOPP tapes that are recyclable, non-toxic, and hence, eco-friendly. 
  • Moisture Resistance: The adhesive itself is water-based and, as a result, provides good tolerance abilities to moisture. Even when used or stored in a humid environment, the tape and the adhesive shouldn’t get delaminated. 
  • Dimensional Stability: The dimensional stability of the tapes you choose should be excellent since they undergo negligible deformation when exposed to pressure, temperature, and tension. Good dimensional stability will help ensure that the tapes are wrinkle-proof. 
  • UV Resistant: Often packaged are packed in sunlight, and therefore, the tapes should not be sensitive to UV rays. This will help prevent the deformation of the tapes. 


When it comes to buying BOPP tapes, there are numerous manufacturer choices from which you can source the required products. With overwhelming choices available, you may have a hard time deciding which company would be the right fit for you. 

Also, if you are looking for artwork in the tapes, choose a company that provides such a facility. BOPP adhesive tapes are considered one of the most effective packaging solutions for the industry. Contact Shosky today and we will be more than happy to assist you with your BOPP needs!

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