Tamper Proof Evidence Bag

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Tamper proof evidence bags are crucial components of any crime scene. These evidence bags are made of thick, tear-and-puncture-resistant plastic materials that made them leak-proof. More than that, their adhesive closure is really strong.


Shosky has been in the business for over 15 years, and our manufacturing plant facility has been instrumental to the unceasing success of our company in producing forensic bag solutions. As one of China’s leading custom forensic evidence bag manufacturers, we cater to both standard and custom-made bags that showcase durability and high performance with absolute bond reliability regardless of the application’s demands. Inquire today!

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2-Pocket Evidence Bag

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What are Evidence Used For?

Crime Scene Evidence Bag

Evidence bags are crucial components of any crime scene. To protect all the evidence items, the plastic bags used should be tamper-proof. They are usually transparent so as to show clearly the items inside.

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Forensic Bag

Forensic evidence bags are breathable bags that feature two separate chambers. They can be used for an extensive range of evidence, from fingerprints to mobile phones to shoes found at the crime scene.

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Chain of Custody Bag

Chain of custody bags are used by police and forensic organizations to acquire evidence for laboratories, keep a record, and document the evidence or sample handled only by approved personnel.

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How Can Tamper-Proof Bags Secure Safety?

tamper evident bag

Tamper proof evidence bags are created to obtain important samples or pieces of evidence from an accident or crime scene. These bags are supposed to be leak-proof and are composed of thick plastic materials that are resistant to puncture and tear. Also, the adhesive closure is extremely durable


Shosky, your most trustworthy security bag from China, offers a reliable and durable sealing system. Moreover, with our offered custom services, you get to choose your preferred size, material, design in the chain of custody, and more, depending on the required application. We offer low minimum order quantities and fast delivery services.

Why Choose Shosky?

Tamper Proof Bag Tape

We provide quality and durable tamper proof evidence bags with strong bag tapes that will definitely suit your needs, with the help of our skilled in-house research and development department team.

Customize your product

Our business offers custom forensic bag services to meet your requirements. Just give information about your specifications, and we will do the rest for you.

Fast Shipping

At Shosky, you will get your orders in no time as we bring out the fastest delivery timetable, thanks to our advanced production equipment found in our wide facility.

After sales service

Our company assures our clients that we are still for them even after product delivery. We have our customer service to handle all your additional concerns about your orders.

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