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Shosky’s manufacturing facility has been instrumental to the unceasing success in duty-free STEB (secure tamper-evident bags) solutions. We offer high-quality custom duty-free bags. As one of China’s leading custom duty-free plastic bag manufacturers, we cater to both standard and custom-made duty-free bags that offer high performance with absolute bond reliability regardless of the application’s demands.


Our company provides tamper-proof STEB bags with protected closures and special labeling codes. Shosky offers custom duty-free plastic bags that adhere to TSA regulations to be used in carry-on pieces of luggage. Reach us for inquiries and quotations.

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What are STEB Used For?

Secure tamper-evident bags are one-time-use bags composed of heavy-duty plastic with protected closures and special labeling codes. They are approved by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and available only in specific locations like airport duty-free shops.

Secure Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels

STEBs were created to permit an exemption to volumetric controls for aerosols, gels, and liquids bought at airport stores or onboard aircraft and carried by transfer passengers. 

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Provide High Confidentiality of Items

STEBs are made of secured opaque substance material. Hence, once you place an item inside, you will not see the product at all unless you open it. This is why it is commonly used to store some confidential documents.

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STEB as an Anti-counterfeit

People tend to be reluctant when sending important items, but with STEBs, the counterfeiting issue can be solved. Once the duty free bag is opened, the “STOP” word or other custom messages will occur, which cannot be erased. This way, it protects the rights of consumers.

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Can be Used for Tracking Items

STEB bag Security tamper evident bags are printed with barcodes that can be used for unique tracking codes. With this, you can easily track your essential items that are fully secured in durable duty free bags.

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How Can Duty Free STEB Bags Secure Safety?

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Due to the unveiling of a terrorist scheme to sabotage aircraft in-flight by assembling a made-up explosive device using dangerous ingredients carried in ordinary LAGs (liquids, aerosols, and gels), STEBs was created to allow LAGs not more than 100ml each.


All liquids, gels, and aerosols are put in a sealable transparent duty free plastic bag once passengers purchase products from airport retail stores after airport security checkpoint or purchase such articles onboard a flight. These bags adhere to TSA rules, which means they are quality, durable, and secured in storing your items. Any cut, tear, or break at the closure’s seal proposes tampering and pilfering.

Why Choose Shosky?

Tamper Proof Bag Tape

We provide top-notch quality tamper bag solutions with strong tamper-proof tape that meet your expectations with the help of our in-house research and development department team.

Customize your product

In Shosky, we provide duty free plastic bag customization services to suit your requirements. Simply tell us what you need, and we will deliver.

Fast Shipping

Our company can bring the fastest delivery schedule in the industry due to our advanced production equipment in our facility.

After sales service

Our services do not end in delivering custom duty free bags to your doorstep. Rest assured that our customer service line takes care of all your additional concerns about your orders.

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