Electronic Goods Security Stickers

Electronic Device Security Labels

Shosky offers custom electronic device security label solutions that will surely suit your needs. We provide both standard and tailor-made tamper evident security seals with high performance and absolute bond reliability regardless of the application’s demands.


Been in the industry for more than 15 years, Shosky provides bespoke tamper-evident electronic device security seals. We earned our clients’ loyalty by delivering exceptional electronics security tape solutions for computer security labels that has specific corporate messaging. Shosky’s standard and bespoke tamper tape solutions are known to be one of the best qualities you can get for your electrical devices.

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What We Custom & Supply

Transfer Secutiry Label for Packaging

Non Residue Label for Camera

Security Label/Warranty Label for Device

Custom Print & Design

You can protect and secure your electronic goods with our tamper evident solution! Shosky is known for providing SGS certified security seal tapes, letting you export our anti-tampering tape solutions to lucrative markets. Our adhesive tape solutions authenticate any electronic product and add value to product brands by customizing our tamper evident materials with specific corporate messaging. Just the presence of Shosky labels proves your quality to your customers.

For customization services, simply tell us your required sizes, roll lengths, color, and any other features including:

  • ⭐Serial Number
  • ⭐Bar Code
  • ⭐QR Code
  • ⭐Irreversible ThermoChromic Inks
  • ⭐Metallic Foils
  • ⭐Security Die Cuts
  • ⭐Logo Printing

How Security Label Assure Your Electronic Goods Safety?

For electrical goods, a significant concern is that some particularly consumer products like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets, belong to the most sought-after merchandise on the gray market. Through electrical device security labels, manufacturers of electronics or electrical components can now track their camera phone security labels and verify if their supply chain is working efficiently, retailers and customers are receiving genuine items, and even for security tracking.


You can use tamper-evident stickers to provide data privacy within a workplace threatened by hacking and virus attacks. With electronic security label solutions, you can safeguard vital information found in electronic devices.


The two most used technologies in track and trace systems are radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcodes tags from a labeling viewpoint. Both are techniques for encoding information that you can use to verify and track electrical goods down to the individual item.

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