Aircraft Security Seal

Tamper Evident Aircraft Security Seal

Here in Shosky, we provide fast and customized tamper evident aircraft seal solutions. We provide both standard and custom-made tamper evident aircraft security seals that bring out high performance with absolute bond reliability regardless of the application’s demands.


Shosky has been in the industry for over 15 years, we earned our clients’ loyalty by delivering non-transfer security tape and more that ensures and does not compromise the aircraft’s aesthetic. Shosky’s standard and bespoke tamper-tape aircraft solutions do not leave any residue while providing a tamper-proof seal that indicates any breaching attempt.

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What We Custom & Supply

Zero Residue Secutiry Sticker

hologram non transfer security sticker

Hologram Secutiry Sticker

No Residue Security Tape

Custom Print & Design

Our non-transfer security aircraft tape discourages unauthorized individuals from breaching the seal without damaging the aircraft’s appearance.

We offer bespoke adhesive tape with hot stamping, printed white partial transfer tape, clear tape, and personalized security packing tape. Also, we provide supplementary customization services that you might need for added performance, such as QR and bar codes, holograms, metallic foils, perforation die-cut, customer-specific text in the voiding and surface messages, and more. Simply provide us with your specifications, like preferred color, void messages, etc., and we will customize it for you. 

How Tamper-Evident Stickers Assure You Flight Safety?

  • They Guard Aircraft Access

Tamper evident door seal are used to seal doors when not in use, so if one is removed, it clearly states that the security label is opened or void. The date and time of sealing and opening is recorded as an airport regulation.

  • They Secure Your Cargo and Luggage

Tamper evident aircraft stickers are used widely to secure your items in air cargo. Since security aircraft security seals have a visible void message, serial numbers, and other identifiers, these ensure your baggage’s security and identification. 

  • Securing Onboard Safety Equipment

Aircraft security seals also secure different safety items, such as portable oxygen tanks, special signaling and lighting devices, and more to verify the items’ status and readiness.

  • Manage Access in Terminals and Airport Facilities

They help manage and monitor access to different aircraft door seals and closures. Among these are access panels for essential controls and security equipment,  mechanical systems throughout the airport facility and more.

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